hanging your acrylic wall board

hanging your fridge board

using our markers

cleaning your board

framed board wet and dry-erase switch instruction

framed board wet and dry-erase switch instruction

1. lay your board facedown on a clean table or countertop

2. bend back the black tabs with a flathead screwdriver

3. remove brown backing, set aside

4. (if applicable) carefully remove magnetic backing and set aside

5. holding the design on two opposite sides, carefully remove it and place face-up in a clean area

6. flip clear front over (glossy side is for dry-erase, non-glare side is for wet-erase)

7. place the design back in (keeping it and the clear front clean/dust-free)

8. place backing(s) back in and close tabs.

*please note not all markers are created equal because of varying formulas. circle & square markers are guaranteed to erase completely, others are not.

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