Please read the instructions on our Circle & Square pens!

Our Pens
• wet-erase
• compatible with our acrylic, whiteboard, and chalkboard boards.
• have reversible tips - simply remove the tip from the marker to switch between a rounded tip or a chiseled, fine tip.
• need to be stored horizontally.
• First Time Use: Place marker tip up vertically and press tip slightly to release pressure. Hold upright and shake well (with cap on!) for 10-20 seconds. Remove cap and pump tip downward slowly until tip fills with ink (repeat if needed).

Our Boards
• To clean your board, use a damp paper towel followed by a dry paper towel until all of the marker has been erased.
• Made a fresh mistake? Just use a soft dry tissue to quickly spot clean! 
• Remember our pens are wet-erase chalk pens. Chalk pens are better and work quite differently than a dry-erase marker. Chalk pens have liquid chalk in them, so they behave sometimes like chalk. Basically, think of your paper towels as one of those old school chalkboard erasers. If it's dirty - you're just spreading the chalk and smearing it. So I fold my paper towel when it's starting to look "full of chalk residue". Much like how when I was little - we had to "batt out chalkboard erasers" need to make sure you aren't using a "full paper towel". Chalk pens sometimes take a tad longer to erase than a dry-erase marker, but we've weighed the benefits between the two. Chalk pens win every. single. time. They are more colorful, vibrant, and aren't see-through like a dry-erase marker is!