Helping Your Teen with Organization

Helping Your Teen with Organization

We've teamed up with Rachel Rosenthal from Rachel Organizes. She's a nationally recognized home organization expert and speaker. She's been organizing professionally for the last seventeen years, and life long organizing as a happily declared Type A personality for her family.

We asked Rachel if we could design a board with her that would be geared towards teenagers and adults in organizing their lives in a better way, and we came up with a beautiful way to do that: click here to purchase the board

Rachel also gave us not only some expert advice, but hands on advice since she has two teen twins in her family currently.

Here's the scoop on getting your teens to stick to an organized schedule:

Q: What is the most impactful thing you can communicate to your teen about organization?

Organization is not a one time event. It is a way of life. Having systems in place from where you place your clothing to how your desk is organized will allow you to function better and spend more time doing the things you really want to do.

Q: What is the best way to introduce a new organization tool or method to your teen?

Gently. Do not force a new organizational tool on your child. Remind them that they can and should test it out to see if it actually fits with their lifestyle and personality. 

Q: Is there something you don't recommend doing with your teen regarding organization?

    I don't recommend forcing a certain system on your teen or organizing without your teen. If you are looking to have them get their room organized, involve them in the process. Have them help with the decluttering and setting up new systems. Ask them what they think might work for them.

    For example, do they want papers on their desks up right in a vertical magazine folder or horizontally in an in/out tray?

    Show them that they are and should be a part of the process. Organization and systems are there to make life easier.

    Q: What do you do if your teen isn't interested in organization?

    Try and be patient. Teens usually have a 100 other interests besides getting their room organized or their desk at home. However, if you can be patient and encourage them to use the systems, over time I guarantee there will be benefits that they will be able to see and want to use.

    Have younger kiddo and want to create a room that help them keep it easily organized? Click here to go to Rachel's low down on "How to Create An Organized Kid's Room"


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